About Us

Welcome to ILACO Credit Repair

Our credit repair services provide you with a comprehensive and holistic process to ensure that your credit scores with all credit reporting agencies, are completely accurate and maximized. Our exhaustive process will ensure that your personal and business credit score, is enhanced, accurate, and timely to give you the highest credit score possible. This ensures that you get the lowest cost of borrowing from lenders, while also giving you complete peace of mind, knowing your credit score is up to date and maximized with no errors.

As the credit scoring and repair specialist, ILACO Credit Repair is part of the ILACO Group of Companies, and one of the seminal components in the revolutionary “12 Steps to Business Success” program, a comprehensive and holistic business development program designed for small businesses that want growth and most importantly…profits!.

ILACO Credit Repair is also complemented with our own affiliate companies that support your funding and credit needs with ILACO Financial and ILACO Accounting, and legal and marketing services with Jutsun & Company Law Associates, ILACO Sales and Marketing and JMG Digital Studios.

ILACO Credit Repair is also affiliated with FSI Fraud Security Investigations, a specialized financial fraud investigative agency; and which releases comprehensive investigative audits to various law enforcement agencies and government regulators.

Once your credit score is perfected and maximized, you can then apply for all personal and business financing, knowing you’ll be eligible for the highest lending amounts from banks and financial institutions

…and at the lowest borrowing costs available!