Healthcare Professionals


ILACO Credit Repair recognizes that healthcare is a growing industry and will continue to expand with an aging population demographic.

We are committed to supporting Healthcare Professionals with a robust and comprehensive financial management program.

The ILACO Financial – Healthcare Management Program provides a holistic and all encompassing financial oversight for management of all financial aspects of your professional healthcare practice.

Our unique and complete healthcare management program is supported with all our financial management divisions and provides you with complete Credit Repair, Accounting, Financing, Sales and Marketing and specialized investment opportunities with Private Equity.

Managing a healthcare practice is challenging enough with healthcare administration and delivery of quality healthcare services, while ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance and healthcare standards. Our unique healthcare management service’s eliminates the overwhelming burden of financial and legal oversight, while looking to market and build your healthcare practice.

Don’t let an incorrect, weak credit score prevent you from getting the proper funding your need for your
Healthcare Practice… at the lowest borrowing costs possible!

Our holistic program includes complete turnkey funding and financial management for practices in:

General medical practice


Dentistry practice


Chiropractic treatment




Pharmacy businesses


Specialized healthcare services


Healthcare is a Growing Economy

ILACO Credit Repair recognizes that healthcare is a growing industry and will continue to expand with an aging population demographic.

Learn how to maximize financial management of your Healthcare practice while you grow your patient base and provide the best in quality healthcare… with complete financial security you can trust!

To learn how ILACO Credit Repair and our affiliate support companies can help you finance and manage your Healthcare practice, call us at 905.274.4200 or email us at

You can also visit us soon at providing the most advanced and comprehensive Healthcare Investment Program designed exclusively for Healthcare practitioners.

ILACO Credit Repair supports you in financing and managing your professional practice, as well as maximizing your personal finances for maximum earnings retention!


Doctors and specialized healthcare practitioners are MAJOR TARGETS of fraud and financial exploitation!fsi_logo_white_bg

When you join the ILACO Financial Healthcare Management program….you automatically engage the services and protection of FSI Fraud Security Investigations.